Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Got back from the shop

And damn, noone has any presta valve 26 inch tubes, damn gotta go to hayward and buy it now...oh well. How is blogger doing?


  1. Dude haha where are you from? I know a couple of bike shops here in San jose, and they are filled with fixie faggots im pretty sure they have presta valve 26 inch tubes, here lemme grab you their phone number

    bicycle express - (408) 998-1618
    fast bicycle - (408) 251-9110
    willow glen bicycle - (408) 293-2606
    performance bicycle shop - (408) 559-0495

    I hope that helped you out a lot, you should post more content :D

  2. I had to drive to three different places to find one where I live, real pain in the ass, so I feel your pain.