Friday, October 1, 2010

Some more slaps.

This song is being posted because today in california Marijuana is finally decriminalized!! Victory Blunt! Haha, been smoking since I was 14, glad to see it's being accepted in society now.

Vilano Commuter Bike

I'm thinking about buying a new vilano complete stock bike for 200.00 from bikesdirect. The Bike would be used solely to ride back and forth to places so my knees can get a rest from all the gears being fixed.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

boutta soak my jeans

soaking some raw denim, anyone ever try the cyclist iron heart jeans? im really interested in getting them, but they're a 400.00 pair!!!

Some Bay Area Slaps

Just gonna start posting music that people don't really know. mostly bay area music that aren't very known. The first song is drastic time by pho balo.

The next song is 11-5 Garcia Vegas and is kinda weird in the beginning but right when the first verse slaps and the beat comes in it is just so reminiscent of RBL posse.

My bikes

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Trick Bike
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Racing Bike

Got some request for me to show my bike so here they are. My first baby is the bianchi and my second bike is called the tank, it has a new paint job but the ame frame.

Got back from the shop

And damn, noone has any presta valve 26 inch tubes, damn gotta go to hayward and buy it now...oh well. How is blogger doing?


My third flat tire in the past week, i bike too much and too hard for my tubes. Well brb gonna go to the bike shop to fix em.